Thursday, July 10, 2008

DON'T Leave the Light On For Me

While a nice gesture, sometimes leaving the light on for somebody is a horrible mistake.

Explanation: Last night, due to circumstances I will refrain from ranting about (for now), I unexpectedly had to return to the cabin my family is camping in for another night. Having been at work until pretty late, I wasn't going to return until after 10, so my parents were kind enough to leave the porch light on for me. It is a screened in porch, and the front door was shut, so it wasn't really any different than somebody would do at home... except for one minor detail: the cabin is in the woods. Furthermore, the cabin was the only source of light within a radius of at least a hundred yards.

When I got to the porch screen door, I saw (no joke) hundreds of moths circling the light. It was like there was a cloud of bugs in the porch. Apparently the screening on the porch wasn't moth-proof. I had to run through this cloud to reach inside and turn off the porch light, slamming the door immediately, leaving myself on a dark porch with all the bugs. On the way out to the car again, I spent some quality time making sure that there were no moths in my mouth, nose, and ears. Even worse, I had to go back through the porch again with my second load of stuff. Needless to say, I won't mind sleeping in my own house tonight, far, far from nature.

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Willie Y said...

Those caveman genes have been bred out of you I see.