Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday to me!

Explanation: That's right! Today is my birthday! And I'm at the beach. And I'm working a half day. So, I'm excited about my birthday, but not so much about the work part.

Maybe when I'm done with work, I'll watch 2*(16 Candles)+1. Or for something a little less wholesome, I'll catch Eddie Murphy in 6022.5*48 Hours. Or for something risquee, maybe 180.632*9 1/2 Weeks? Or, I can put down the calculator and go down to the ocean. Maybe that'll be my best course of action...

Since I'm still on vacation, regular posting will resume on Monday.

*Please send all gifts care of Jeremy at Thank you.


Willie Y said...

I am thinking of inrolling you in the bacon of the month club for your birthday. What do you think?

Jeremy said...

My brother-in-law made me bacon for breakfast this morning. WOO-HOO!