Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 3

Jeremy's Status Message Proudly Presents The Twelve Days of Christmas:

On the third day of bacon,
My bacon gave to me,
Bacon bacon bacon!
Bacon bacon bacon!
And bacon bacon bacon bacon!

Explanation: What can I say? I love bacon.

Special Blog Bonus: And now, compliments of the good people at IHEARTBACON.COM and Bacon Unwrapped, here are some ideas for the bacon lover in your life:

And finally, I don't care if I've run this Beggin Strips commercial before - It's that good. BACON!!!


Willie Y said...

Carrie Fischer was in Star Wars with
Harrison Ford was in The Fugitive with
Tommy Lee Jones who was in Batman Forever
Val Kilmer who was in Heat with
Robert Dinero who was in Sleepers with
Every thing is linked to bacon.

Jack said...

How can you discuss BACON without mentioning Chicken Fried Bacon?

Jeremy said...

Well, I did already mention chicken-fried bacon in this post, so I figured I'd leave it at that.

Just for the record, there is most definitely a "six degrees" post in my future. Don't think I forgot about it.