Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Little Football/Prison Humor to Brighten Your Day

How can they send Michael Vick to a minimum-security federal penetentiary? Has there ever been a quarterback who was more of a threat to run?

Explanation: Michael Vick was sentenced to a 23 month prison sentence on Monday. But "minimum security"? I beg to differ. Vick is going to run. You know that going in. I'm thinking the prison needs some sort of a cover-two or a zone-blitzing scheme. And they undoubtedly need a spy. When he breaks contain, and it's going to happen, they need to be prepared. Can we get Bill Belichek on this?

Special Blog Bonus: At this point I would point you to some sort of clever Flash game involving Michael Vick and dogs and possibly PETA, or to a humerous article about Vick going to prison, but the internet is far too tasteful for such things. Instead, if you would like to partake in some pleasant family entertainment, I suggest you go to Willie's blog and watch the YouTube clip where people light a Tickle Me Elmo on fire.

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