Thursday, December 13, 2007

Me Post No Writer Today

Writer strike make me post own funny laff status.

Explanashun: Becawze Writers Gild of America strike, me write own funny laff status message today. No creativ like smart clever writer people, but do best with little brain me get. Me hope writers come back soon cuz no have more funny laff status for post. No remember hiku silable numbers for Friday and no very good with poems and stuff anyway. Sorry for misspelinks.

Speshal Bonus: No get rights for Far side or Dilbert. Me draw own funny comic:


Willie Y said...

You need to pepper your cartoon with expletives.It gives it a edge.

Hey what's with you?

FU you dog sh-t breath. You smell like you licked a dogs butt.

See now that's funny

Heather said...

Here's a message from a two-year old. Probably some damned fine material.

/.gggddddgt x x g x m rdx ,mrfc ,rfm rdc rf ck k fo kck cf.l

It says, "Type type type." I asked him.

PS THe IEPS for my students require I not take off for spelling, or "real badly writing". You should get an IEP.

Jeremy said...

It was very insightful the way he used an "x x g x m" instead of the more traditional "type". He's going to be a writer - I can tell!