Friday, December 21, 2007

"La," The Note That Follows "So"

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la la ti... DOH!

Explanation: Our new (to us anyway) piano arrived yesterday and since it got here, my wife has been playing almost nonstop. Her repertoire includes numerous Christmas melodies. When I play, however, it seems the notes I want don't always seem to be in the places I put my fingers. This leads to many sour notes and obscenities. I'll keep working on this.

Hey, what's the deal with that "Do Re Mi" song from The Sound of Music? "Do" gets to be a female deer, "Re", a drop of golden sun. "Mi" is the name I call myself, "Fa" a long long way to run. "So" is a needle pulling thread, but poor "La" is the note that follows "So". That's it? The note that follows "So"? That's the best they could do? This has to be one of the all time biggest copouts in pop culture history. Rodgers or Hammerstein (whichever one is responsible) should be ashamed. It's just sad.

Anyway, don't let The Sound of Music get you down. From all of us at Jeremy's Status Message to all of you, have a wonderful Festivus, Christmas, and New Year's!

I will be out of the office for the remainder of the year, but the status messages will keep coming! Stay tuned for Jeremy's Status Message Presents: The 12 Days of Christmas.


Jeremy said...

Oh, I forgot to mention:


JCA said...

Unfortunately "La, The Feminine Definite Article in Most Romance Languages" just didn't fit the rhythm of the song...

Jeremy said...

How's about this:

"LA, the city filled with smog..."