Monday, October 13, 2008

Weight Loss Made Simple

I lost five pounds in just under an hour and you can too!

Explanation: Trying to shed a few extra pounds? Diets not working? Don't have time to work out? I have the plan for you!

The secret lies in a special bacteria that your body thinks is toxic. Just eat a little bit of this bacteria on your favorite food product: pizza, wings, french fries - whatever. In just a few hours, it will start to work its magic.

You'll know when the magic starts to happen. You'll feel those pounds just fly off. There's no need for a manual, DVD, or anything. Your body will know exactly what to do. Just let the bacteria do its thing and in an hour or two, you'll be a leaner, meaner version of yourself.

Real Life Testimonial: I took my dose of the special bacteria on a sandwich on Saturday afternoon. I went to bed on Saturday night feeling perfectly normal. At about midnight, though, the bacteria went to work. My body jumped into action, and the pounds just started to fly off of me in every conceivable direction. By 1:00 AM, I was back in bed, 5 pounds leaner than before. It was easy! Don't fall for those infomercial gimmicks where you have to diet for months to see the same results. This is the real thing. Five pounds in one hour. And I haven't put the weight back on! In fact, the mere thought of food disgusts me! I may be even lighter! Act now!


Willie Y said...

Can you sneeze into and envelope and send it to me,

Jeremy said...

No, but I can mail you some mayonnaise. That should do the trick.