Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Fun of a Fall Mow

Enjoying my pretty lawn while it lasts.

Explanation: After about three weeks of not mowing, I finally got the mower outside and did the lawn last night. Now that the sprinkler issue has been resolved, the ground was pretty dry, so that helped, but I had a lot of growth in the backyard and a lot of leaves in the front yard.

I'm sure I've complained about this before (and I'm sure you homeowners already know this) but there are two things I particularly hate about mowing the lawn this time of year.

First is the amount of volume the leaves add to the mower bag. On a normal summer mow, I empty a full bag twice and then empty the bag again when I'm done just so it doesn't stink up my garage. Yesterday I emptied the bag at least ten times. It was ridiculous. Mow down, mow back, mow down, mow back, empty the bag. And repeat. Sometimes I couldn't even get four trips in. The mulch pile behind my house went from being 2 feet high to being 5 feet high. I'm glad the grass isn't growing as fast these days, because I'd hate to do this more than once every other week.

My second issue is the more upsetting part - there are still leaves on the trees. Last year I mowed the front lawn and all of the leaves were gone and it looked so pretty... until the next morning when you couldn't tell that it had been mowed at all. This year fall isn't that far along, but the trees out there are just mocking me. I know my pretty lawn isn't going to last. It cheapens the whole mowing experience.

Anyway, my lawn is pretty right now and will remain so for at least fifteen more minutes, so enjoy it while it lasts!

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Jack said...

Silly you.

When all your trees finish dropping their leaves and you clean your yard . . . The trees not in your yard will fill it again
... and again
... and again!

But snow will cover everything.