Friday, October 24, 2008

Thank You, Firewall

Nothing is worse than canceling 10 hour computer process which hung halfway through only to discover a firewall window in the background asking if it was OK for said program to access the internet.

Explanation: I was backing up my hard drive yesterday with the intent of starting when I finished work and letting it run overnight. Before I went to bed, I noticed that it was hung, so I went ahead and hit "Cancel". Immediately after canceling, I noticed the Norton window in the background.* The reason the program hung was because it couldn't get through my stupid security software. One click of "Allow" and it would have been back in business. Curse you Norton!!!

From the irony department, I should also note that my Norton Internet Security license expired a couple of weeks ago and Norton has been telling me every day that my machine is unprotected against new threats. Luckily, it's still protected from the older, yet still extremely dangerous process of backing up my files. I feel so much safer knowing this.

For those of you who enjoyed my last Norton upgrade, have no fear - another upgrade is coming very soon.

*By the way, it took a half hour for the cancel to take effect, too.

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