Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Go Monkeys Go!

Today's status is courtesy of an infinite number of monkeys, each with a typewtrier.

Explanation: Due to the huge stock market slump, I've reallocated my investments from stocks into an infinite army of monkeys. They're expensive to feed and you don't even want to know what my garage looks like right now, but they come up with brilliant status messages. Sure, given more time, my monkey army could have gotten the last word spelled right, but I'm on a timeline here. Plus, I have to set them forth on my more ambitious plan of creating the Infinite Monkeys reality show. It's like Survivor but with smarter characters and more poo-flinging action!

Interesting Fact: It only took seven of my monkeys 12 minutes to duplicate the most recent James Patterson novel.

Special Blog Bonus: Guess I'm not the only one to consider this subject matter...

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