Monday, September 15, 2008

Veggies? No Thank You.

No thank you, I'm a meatatarian.

Source: This is from a Wendy's commercial for the Baconator - what may be the world's coolest* sandwich:

Explanation: It's a personal choice.

*The Baconator is not, I repeat, NOT the least healthy sandwich on the market. Not while Hardees still exists, anyway.


Willie Y said...

I bet when they see you come thur the door at your local Wendys, they have that Baconator all ready for you, with out you saying a word.

Jeremy said...

In an ideal world, my local Wendy's would call it the "Jeremyator" and have one waiting for me.

Unfortunately, I can order three Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers for less than the price of a Baconator. So, the Super Value Menu is usually my preference.

Jeremy said...

First of all, an off-color comment: "Jeremyator? He hardly knows 'er!"

Secondly, I think Wendy's puts too much catchup on the Baconator. It drowns out the taste of the bacon.