Friday, September 26, 2008

No Quiero Taco Bell

Curse you, Taco Bell!

Explanation: Yesterday I decided to splurge during my lunch break from the court case and went over to Taco Bell again. This particular Taco Bell has a three-step ordering process - first you order at the giant menu, then you pay at the first window, then you pick up your food at the second window.

I placed my order for a #1 Combo. That's a burrito and a taco. When I pulled up to the first window to pay, the woman asked me if I would like any sauce with my order. Well, I was getting one taco so I wanted one packet of hot sauce. Since it clearly didn't get through last time, I made a big deal of it this time. I said, "I only need one packet of hot sauce. Just one. Last time I got twenty and I'm sick of throwing them out." She laughed and leaned over to yell something to the person at the other window. I assume she was explaining my request, but I could not totally hear because the window shut. Next, I completed my payment and she gave me one of those random survey slips where I can call and have a chance at winning $1000. I've never gotten one of those from Taco Bell before.

Anyway, I get to the second window, they give me my food and drink, and I'm on my way. I glanced in the bag, but didn't see any sauce, which I thought meant that there was only a single packet hidden in there somewhere.

When I returned to the courthouse, I opened up my bag, and to my surprise, there were three Supreme tacos in there. That wasn't my order. Not only was that not my order, but for three tacos, I would want three packets of Hot Sauce, not just one. How many packets were in the bag? Zero.

I'm going to enjoy taking this survey.


Jeremy said...

This is exactly why they pile the packets on you the other just have to get creative with what you do with them.

Stash a couple in the glove compartment, in your office (if you ever go there), friends' houses and cars, under benches at the train station and airports, and duct tape a large bag of them under a few strategic overpasses. Make sure you do that one at night, too.

Jeremy said...

I should mention that it's a really bad idea to keep extra taco sauce packets in your wallet. Let's just leave it at that.

Willie Y said...

I keep all those little packets of sauce in my car. You never know when you will run into a Carrolls or Arthur Treachers or Chi Chi's. And you know what, I bet they still taste yummy.