Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm All Out

I don't recommend playing online poker during a thunderstorm.

Explanation: Last night, for the first time in an eternity, I popped online to play some poker. No real money was at stake, just pride. As my sit and go ran on, I started to see lightning out my window, accompanied by the ominous sounds of howling wind and thunder. When it was down to heads-up play, the storm caught up with me, or so I thought. The lights all flickered and there was suddenly nothing on my computer screen. Luckily, everything held on - it was only my monitor that had been briefly affected by the weather.

I told my opponent, "We have a thunderstorm here. You just almost won the easy way." It turns out those were the last words he heard from me. The power then completely disappeared for just long enough to take both of my computers with it.

And I was winning, too! Oh well. At least there wasn't real money on the line... and it's still safer than golfing in a thunderstorm.

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