Monday, August 24, 2009

Her Cup Runneth Over

Some say the cup is half full, others half empty. My daughter just wants to play with the cup.

Explanation: At six and a half months old, my daughter has plenty of toys - toys that play music and toys that do stuff when you press buttons. She has toys she can chew and toys she rattle. She has more than enough toys. So what is her new favorite thing in the world? A clear plastic cup. If the clear plastic cup happens to contain water, that's a bonus, but the cup itself is particularly exciting.

So, when somebody asks you if you're a cup half full or cup half empty type of person, just respond by saying "A cup! Oh boy!" That should send the right message.

On a related note, as she is trying really hard to move across the room, I was debating whether it would be cruel or helpful to put a plastic cup, a cell phone, and a pair of glasses (three of her most desired objects) on the floor a few feet away from her. I'm thinking it would be just the motivation she needs. Then again, as soon as she starts crawling, we have some serious baby-proofing to do. Maybe I'll just let her learn on her own.


Willie Y said...

It is amazing what object attract babys. I remember one time .......oh look its a large dust bunny........

Heather said...

2 things.
First, if you do anything to encourage your first to mobilize earlier than they do independently I will laugh my ass off at you. Fool, it's a trap. Once the first is mobile, number 2 can be born walking, damage is done.
Second, once they can say, "Yeah! A cup!" they have learned that the cup is the most fun when it is half empty and half on something dry-clean only.
Put her in a bag sleeper. For real.