Monday, April 6, 2009

Famous Last Words

"I'll just leave the grill cover off for the night. It's nice out, there's no way it could rain."

Explanation: I used my grill last night! Last week, my wife was kind enough to go pick up propane for me (while I watched the little one) and I've been itching to grill since then. The first two times it was raining or looked like rain, so I didn't bother. Then we finally got a nice day, only to discover that the burger meat in the fridge was way past its due date. Yesterday everything finally was on the same page and I made burgers.

When the grill was done, I turned everything off, but it was still quite hot, so I just left the cover off it for the evening. As night rolled around, I thought today's status message to myself and figured I'd just cover the grill in the morning.

Of course, at like 4:00 this morning, I awoke to thunder and POURING rain, at which point I cursed my meteorological optimism... and then went back to sleep. I'm beginning to think my grill has somehow offended nature.

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Jack said...

And Zeus, the king of the gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus and the god of the sky and thunder said “Thou has offended me by flaunting thine grill before me and I, Zeus, God of Lightning and Thunder, shall smote thy grill and all that surrounds it!”

“And I shall throw down upon you grill all forms of moisture, both soft and hard, and I will teacheth thee a lesson, that no man shall appear before me with an uncovered grill and live. . . I mean stay dry!

So sayeth the angry God of Grills!