Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Buying Vowels

"Yes, I'd like to buy a vowel please."

Explanation: My wife and I were out shopping one day in Pottery Barn for Kids, looking to use some store credit we have there. On the back wall, with a big "SALE" sign were wooden letters you can use for decorating your child's room. They had two kinds, big and small, and we decided the small ones, which were red, would match our daughter's room. As an added bonus, the small ones were on sale, which is always important at a store where everything is twice as expensive as it ought to be.

We walked up to the counter and asked the clerk how we would go about getting our daughter's name in those letters. She told us we could certainly get those letters, but they were completely out of vowels, which was why they were on sale. She did, however, suggest we go to A.C. Moore, who has similar wooden letters which you can paint yourself. My wife did that and they look great. The whole ordeal would have been easier if we had just given her a name with no vowels. Next time we'll know better.

Contest Results: The official weighing was performed at lunch time yesterday and our daughter weighs 10 pounds and 2 ounces! I was guessing nine and a half. Thank you all for your entries. As none of you have the anatomy necessary to feed my daughter, though, you are all disqualified and the winner is my wife! Congratulations, honey! Enjoy your 3am feeding!

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