Friday, July 6, 2007

You're Gullible

You're so gullible, if you look up "gullible" on Wikipedia, there's a picture of you... unless somebody took it down since I put it there this morning.

Explanation: See, I can actually post your picture to Wikipedia, which renders the whole "gullible" joke pointless, but then again... why am I explaining this? In honor of my upcoming vacation, here's some more Wikipedia humor:

The Problem with Wikipedia

Wikipedian Protester

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Heather said...

I work with a teacher who has lectured on the topic of the evils of Wikipedia. I stood at his podium, felt the power of "real learning" (with citations and whatnot!). I looked down and saw a 50 some age print out about the assasination of Lincoln. Source? Sadly it's true...

Randomly, don't you think it's unfair that we included on a quiz, who was starring in "My American Cousng" while Lincoln was being shot"? Seemed sorta beyond ridiculous! Of course, Wikipedia (like Hockey) knew..