Saturday, July 14, 2007

Parappa Week: M.C. King Kong Mushi

Jeremy's Status Message presents Parappa the Rapper Week:

I gotta believe!

Explanation: Having finally gotten a date with Sunny, Parappa takes her to the concert hall, where the one and only M.C. King Kong Mushi is performing. He is, of course, a dreadlocked Rastafarian-looking insect who can rap. At this point, you really can't be surprised by anything, so you just go with it. Parappa joins him on stage for a performance in the exciting conclusion to the game.

Added Bonus: In most parts of the game, if you rap well enough to reach "U rappin' COOL" status, your partner steps out of the way and lets you freestyle a little. Here's an example on the final level. Think of it as rhythmic button mashing.

We hope you've enjoyed Parappa the Rapper week here on Jeremy's Status Message.

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