Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Snow Go Away

Help! I'm snowed in and I just ran out of Cheetos!

Explanation: Rough day in my house. Yesterday morning we were hit with a surprise snowstorm. The township was woefully unprepared (as were we) and we ended up stuck in a house where the food supply was dwindling. Then, overnight, we got about a foot more of snow. Our road wasn't plowed all day. I spent every minute of my free time shoveling. We were stuck in the house. And worst of all, WE RAN OUT OF CHEETOS!!! Oh, the horror.*

Random note: I realized yesterday, that if you put Frank's Red Hot Sauce on Cheetos, they won't change color. Not that I did that. I just realized it. Nifty.

*I should note that days like these are where I really regret trading the Bronco in for a Honda.

1 comment:

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