Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just Wear It

"There's a candy cane on my hat!"

Source: This would be a random quote from my daughter. Get used to these - I don't leave the house much, you know.

Explanation: While being buckled in her car seat on a particularly cold day, my daughter naturally wanted to lean around and see what was available to play with in the back seat. This makes it particularly difficult to buckle her in, which is a wee bit frustrating if you're standing in 15 degree weather while you attempt to do so... but I digress. Anyway, she found her pink winter hat and noticed for the first time that there was something on the front. Probing her memory, she realized that the only thing it could possibly be was a candy cane, hence the quote.

And now we know how Phil Night gets his evil clutches on the youth of America...

1 comment:

Jeremy said...

2/3/2014: "The hockey stick was on the wrong side of my glove!"

Apparenly, Phil Knight still has his work cut out for him.