Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Made "diet tacos" last night... so I ate six of them.
Explanation: Last night was taco night in my household.  I was in the mood for crunchy tacos, so I bought six shells.  When we opened the package, the first few shells (as usual) turned out to be a bit thin.  So, I deemed them "diet tacos."  Then I ate all six.
I should note that my eating any diet product is a joke.  I have zero intention of losing weight.  In fact, over most of the recent years, my struggle has been to put on weight, not to take it off.  Hence, my New Year's Resolution is to put weight on, and I am sticking to it like a champ!
Tonight's dinner?  ICE CREAM!!!
EDITOR'S NOTE: We at Jeremy's Status Message do not advocate the consumpion of ice cream for dinner.  This was only said in jest.  In reality, tonight's dinner will be a healthy medly of meat lovers' pizza, Buffalo wings, Cheetos, and Mountain Dew.  Ice cream will hold its traditional role as dessert.

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