Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Is Why Your Printer Doesn't Work

I recently learned that a USB cable is the exact same width as an ethernet cable.

Explanation: In "repairing" a friend's broken printer the other day, I discovered that the reason it was not working was because someone (not him) had used his laptop and then plugged the printer USB cable into the ethernet port. As completely ridiculous as this seemed, I realized that the cable had fit quite comfortably when I was fiddling with it blindly behind the machine.

Now, I still think plugging the USB cable into the ethernet port was idiotic in the first place, but I was impressed at how snugly the cable fit inside there.

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Jack said...

Other things that “Fit” but don’t belong.

1. Exhaust pipe from a car and a shop vac.

2. A peanut and a child’s nostril

3. A fork in an electrical socket

4. Any number of things that fit in between the grill covering a fan

5. A fat dog and a small doghouse

6. Four tennis balls and a yellow lab’s mouth

7. Octopuluts

This is FUN! The more you think about it, the longer the list gets.