Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Geography Fact Week Continues!

Half the people who live in Africa are under 15 years of age.

Source: All Geography Fact Week information is courtesy of the bible of geography, Bite Size Geography: 150 Facts You Won't Believe!

Explanation: I would assume AIDS is the primary culprit in this statistic. That would make today's status not all that funny and actually quite seriously unfunny. I think I'll go fight AIDS by joining a "Put an end to AIDS" Facebook group. That ought to stop the disease dead in its tracks. Yep. Join a Facebook group, stop a disease. It's that easy. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

I should also mention that yesterday's blog post regarding the population density of the United States may have been my most hotly contested blog post ever. Apparently you people don't know what the Garden State Parkway traffic looks like this time of year, because the entire roadway is within a mile of the shore, and everybody on earth (and their mother) is on that road. Jeez.

Special Extra Fact: The tallest sand dunes in the Sahara desert are taller than the Empire State Building... and have never been climbed by a giant gorilla.


Jeremy said...


AIDS is obviously the #2 culprit behind your statistic...Bird Flu is of course #1.

For the record, I have joined a Bird Flu group on Facebook, but as you can imagine (since Bird Flu can't be stopped), it's not a group fighting the disease. It's merely a group preparing everyone for the worst in the likely event of a global pandemic. Check it out!

Heather said...

Okay, having a history teacher moment.
A young population (half the pop 18 or under)and mountain ranges have a direct correlation to high rates of civil warfare.
So which came first? The African civil wars? Or the young pop?
BTW: Our Civil War, we did it all wrong. We had old folks, and flat land, and we went and warred it up anyway. Damned Yankees