Monday, May 4, 2009

Devolving Technology

"Hi Jeremy. I'm just calling to let you know that I got your email."

Source: This was a message I found on my answering machine this weekend. I emailed someone who was new to email and they responded by calling me to tell me that they received my email. I believe I should respond to the voicemail by mailing a card to say thank you for the voicemail in response to my email. They will, of course, respond via carrier pigeon, at which point I will get to choose whether to use the pony express or smoke signals in my response. Technology is just too confusing!

Important Note: Given the phone response to my email, I am just going to work under the assumption that my email recipient will never find this blog. Seems like a safe bet.


lisa said...

she called me too. I, in turn, called my mom so she could tell my dad, so we could ALL have a laugh at her expense. it was cute in an old person sort of way.

Jack said...

I was updating her computer yesterday and put several quick links on the desk top. I did include your website but not your Blog.

You are safe for the time being.