Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Wussification of Jeremy

My garage has made me soft.

Explanation: This morning I had to walk from a heated house to a cold car in 20 degree weather. I used to do this every single day. I'd walk to the car, turn it on, and scrape the frost off of the windshield. It wasn't that big a deal. As long as I was wearing the right clothing, I got a little chilly and then warmed up pretty quickly afterward.

But now I'm soft.

I have a garage. I walk from my house into the garage. I usually gripe about the fact that the garage is 50 degrees while the rest of the house is in the sixties. I get into my frostless car and complain that the seat warmers take a few minutes to take effect. Because the car hasn't cooled down to 20 degrees, it only takes a minute or two to warm up, and yet I still complain about that. And God forbid I have to wear gloves at any point during that process.

Yep. I'm soft.


Willie Y said...

Check your underwear you may have put on wife's by mistake.

Jeremy said...

I'm just starting my very first winter with the garage, so the novelty of not having to scrape the windows every frickin' day still hasn't worn off.

That said, this is your second consecutive post on The Wussification of America...I'm glad to see you're coming around and admitting that I'm right.

What happens when Good and Evil agree on something? Hopefully, there's no apocalyptic explosion.

Jeremy said...

Don't worry - tonight I'm returning to the warmth of my New Jersey home to avoid any potentially cataclysmic event.

Anonymous said...

So what I am supposed to believ is the heated garage has caused this problem..not the knowledge that "floral veil" is you Lennox pattern?

Jeremy said...

HEY! Leave my Lenox pattern out of this!