Friday, July 31, 2009

Cookie Monster Friday!

C is for Cookie and Cookie is for me! Cookie Cookie Cookie starts with... ummm... just give me a moment, I know this one...

Explanation: Occasionally, especially on hot days, I like to work downstairs in my house where it's much cooler than my office. This has the added benefit of putting me around my daughter most of the day. Of course, on the negative side, this also puts me near my daughter's toys most of the day. Several of her toys play songs repeatedly, much to her delight, but not so much to mine. This morning she played a while with the Sesame Street toy, so I heard quite a bit of the Cookie Monster.

Of course, I recall a recent nice day when one of the neighbor children was playing (and probably banished) outside with a whistle. I guess my house isn't all that bad.

1 comment:

Jack said...

Oh what a great gift idea! Every baby needs a whistle.

Did you know whistles come in many varieties? The sport or police whistle, a train whistle, clay whistles and a samba whistle with three tones to name but a few. So many types, but all are capable of loud and piercing notes.

If only a gift giving event was imminent.